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    Egg carton with 6 Callebaut dark chocolate Easter eggs

Original egg box, with your logo and/or your Easter message, filled with 6 hollow chocolate Easter eggs made in Belgium with Belgian Callebaut chocolate.

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Original Easter gift for your staff or your customers, a real egg box containing 6 Belgian chocolate Easter eggs.

This gift consists of:

  • Egg carton
  • Print with your logo/Easter message
  • 6 chocolate eggs Callebaut dark chocolate 22 grams, 6 cm

A nice and original Easter gift, +/-132 grams of fine Belgian Easter chocolate in an original packaging. It is always a surprise when you open this and discover the Belgian chocolate eggs...

The egg carton measures 15.5 cm by 10 cm by 7 cm. The sticker at the top of the box measures 7.5 cm by 4 cm. The yellow area where we can apply your logo measures 4 cm by 3 cm (see images). You can also choose to personalize the entire sticker. The legal information must be included.

You can add your message to your order. For the logos, you can send a separate email to info@demand.eu

More information about Callebaut's sustainability program can be found under additional information.

Dark chocolate Easter eggs

Best before 22/09/2024. Store cool and dry

Allergens May contain traces of: Milk and Nuts

Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugars, cocoa butter, emulsifier (SOY lecithin), natural vanilla flavouring.
Nutritional value Energetic value 2296 kJ /100g, 549 kcal /100g, Fats 36.0 g /100g, of which saturated 22.0 g /100g, Carbohydrates 46.0 g /100g, of which sugars 44.0 g /100g, Proteins 5.1 g /100g, Salt <0.01g/100g

//The information below comes from the Callebaut website and indicates what they understand by sustainability and the participation of such programs.

How do I contribute to sustainability as a Callebaut customer? At Callebaut we source 100% sustainable cocoa for Finest Belgian Chocolate. With every pack you purchase, a portion goes directly toward Cocoa Horizons Foundation's implementation of productivity and community development activities.

How is the Cocoa Horizons Premium used and verified? The use of the Cocoa Horizons premium is completely transparent and is verified annually by a third party in the Cocoa Snapshot, available on the Cocoa Horizons website. The distribution of the premiums is as follows: 41% is used to finance productivity activities, 18% for community development activities, 27% as a premium for each registered farmer and 14% for administrative activities.

What is the link between Forever Chocolate, Cocoa Horizons and Callebaut? Callebaut is a brand under the Barry Callebaut Group. Together with our parent company, we are part of the Forever Chocolate movement. Our goal is to make sustainable chocolate the standard. Cocoa Horizons is Barry Callebaut's internal program, our vehicle of choice to deliver the Forever Chocolate goals. We believe that we can make the biggest impact with teams that work with cocoa farmers on the ground. And that is exactly what the Cocoa Horizons program does. Callebaut pays a premium for each pack of Finest Belgian Chocolate, partly to finance the activities of Cocoa Horizons and to contribute to the 2025 Forever Chocolate goals.