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    Yellow egg carton with 6 Callebaut chocolate Easter eggs

This REAL egg carton, made of recyclable material (cardboard) contains 6 chocolate Easter eggs made from Belgian Callebaut chocolate.

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Original Easter gift for your staff or your customers, a real egg box containing 6 chocolate Easter eggs. The egg carton contains:

  • 2 chocolate eggs Callebaut milk chocolate 22 grams, 6 cm
  • 2 chocolate eggs Callebaut dark chocolate 22 grams, 6 cm
  • 2 chocolate eggs Callebaut white chocolate 22 grams, 6 cm

A nice and original Easter gift, +/- 132 grams of fine Belgian Easter chocolate in original packaging. It is always a surprise when you open this and discover the chocolate eggs, .....

The box is in yellow, "Zonnebloem Geel".

This Easter gift is delivered in Belgium and the Netherlands. Orders can start from 1 piece. Deliveries can be made with our own drivers or with courier services as the risk of breakage is nil.