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    Alcohol-free Italian gourmet package to feast on

Delicious alcohol-free gift package with Italian delicacies, packed in a gift box and fitted with a silk bow. The sweet is combined with the savory in this gift package.

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This Italian gift box contains several typical Italian delicacies. The gift is packed for you and comes with a silk bow.

This Italian gift package contains:

  • 200 gram biscuits from Asolo Dolce, Savoiardi, Ladyfingers
  • 150 grams cookies from Asolo Dolce, Sfogliaciok, puff pastry cake with cocoa cream
  • 150 gram Pan con Tomate from Plaza del Sol
  • 150 gram Pan de Ajo from Plaza del Sol
  • 200 gram Pan Quadrotti Classico by Terre di Puglia, square squatters
  • 200 gram Pan Quadrotti Pomodoro e Olive from Terre di Puglia, square squatters

An original and 100% Italian gift.

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