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    Giant candy basket with coffee as a promotional gift

A large delicious basket full of Belgian and Scottish sweets for the sweets among us.

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This gift basket with a pack of Belgian roasted OK coffee and sweets is packed for you in transparent mica and is provided with your personal message. In addition to coffee and biscuits, this feast also contains hard candies (Antwerp hard balls), soft candies from Haribo and chocolate toffee.

Gift basket with:

  • Delacre biscuit mix Namur 200 grams, a Belgian product
  • Box with quality street bonbons 265 grams
  • Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread 150 grams, Scottish fun
  • Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Highlanders 135 grams
  • Bag with 250 grams of marbles Haribo
  • Bag with 250 grams of Haribo cherries
  • Bag with 250 gram coke bottles Haribo
  • Bag with 250 grams of Haribo hoses
  • Bag with 250 grams of Haribo cherries
  • Packet of Belgian Okè coffee 100 grams
  • Pack of Lotus Rolls from the Belgian manufacturer Lotus, 150 grams
  • Roll of Lotus biscuits with speculoos cream 150 grams
  • Roll of Lotus cookies with vanilla cream 150 grams
  • Roll of Lotus biscuits with chocolate cream 150 grams
  • Can of Wycam's coffee or fruit bonbons
  • Can of Wycam's cough or mint balls
  • Belgium Treasure almond biscuits 75 grams
  • Belgium Treasure Raspberry Biscuits 75 grams

Candy TRUMP with this large gift basket full of goodies!

The haribo bags can have a different composition.