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Saint Nicholas 2020 and Corona

Here you can find our chocolate Sinterklaas gifts for your employees or your customers. The chocolate used is from the Belgian chocolate manufacturer Callebaut.

Saint Nicholas 2020 and Corona: Given the difficult period that we are now all going through together, it would be a shame we had to abandon our traditions to give our employees, customers, family and friends a chocolate Saint Nicholas gift. Since no one has a crystal ball, we, like others, cannot predict whether and when local or national lockdowns will occur. Do not let this stop you from placing your order on time and having it delivered on time.

Once your order has been placed, we have the chocolate figures made for you and we package your gifts for Sinterklaas. We provide the package or gift with your personal message and / or your logo.

In view of the uncertainty of, among other things, local lockdowns, and since many employees will probably not be at the office often, we advise our customers to order their Saint Nicholas gifts on time and have them delivered to them on time. In this way you as a company can ensure that your employees receive their gift on time. If a local or national lockdown arrives, something that can be predicted based on the figures and the knowledge of our experts and you already have the gifts at your company, you can still hand them out in time for the lockdown. In this way, people with a small gift can still give some extra support and show that a virus itself cannot destroy us and our traditions!

This year we have also provided a chocolate Saint Nicholas gift that you can have delivered by regular mail, so that you can avoid the costs of a courier service. This way you can surprise your employees at home with a chocolate gift at an exceptional rate. For € 11 you can have a Callebaut chocolate gift delivered to your home, including the delivery cost by regular mail (including chocolate Saint Nicholas gift, personalization and delivery).

We can also have our Saint Nicholas packages delivered individually to your home via our normal courier services. We will then package your gifts as well as possible to avoid breakage. The cost per delivery address is € 9.99 including VAT, including shipping box and extra protection material. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any breakage of the hollow figures. We try to package everything as correctly as possible to avoid this.