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    Boîte de Pâques personnalisée avec 12 œufs de Pâques emballés

Carton d'oeufs avec autocollant personnalisé et 12 oeufs de Pâques emballés comme cadeau de Pâques en chocolat.

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This original Easter gift consists of 12 individually wrapped Easter eggs. The chocolate belongs to Jacques. The eggs are made of white, dark and milk chocolate and contain praline fillings and whole eggs.

Each egg weighs +/- 8 grams.

The box measures 12 cm by 9.5 cm and is 4.2 cm high.

We will affix your Easter message to a professionally printed sticker for free. This way you have a personalized Easter gift. For this we provide an oval sticker with the dimensions 5 cm wide and 2.5 cm high.

You can add your message to your order. For the logos you can send a separate e-mail to info@demand.eu