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    Diaper cake "Hoera, een meisje" as a birth gift

Beautiful diaper cake with real pampers from the brand Pampers® Baby-Dry

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This large pamper cake is made with 56 pampers from the brand Pampers® Baby-Dry. All around she is provided with a sticker tape with the text "Hoera een meisje"

Pampered cake with:

  • 56 pampers Pampers® Baby-Dry
  • Round white oblong sticker with the message "Hoera een meisje"

This pamper cake is packed in transparent mica. We apply your personal message on the packaging of the pamper cake for free. A fun and original birth gift.

Pampers® Baby-Dry has Micro PearlsTM that absorb up to 30 times their weight and trap moisture. They provide dryness for up to 12 hours at night so that your baby gets the necessary sleep and wakes up cheerfully in the morning. Dry overnight for up to 12 hours.