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    Gosset Grande Réserve and Rosé packaged together as a gift

Deze Grande Réserve champagne van het oudste champagnehuis in Frankrijk wordt samen met een excellente Grand Rosé van Gosset voor u verpakt in een geschenkdoos met dik wit glanzend kwaliteitspapier voorzien van een mooi zijden lint en aangepaste strik.

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Double champagne fun with these champagnes from the Gosset champagne house.

The gift box contains:

  • Champagne Gosset Grande Réserve, 75 cl.
  • Champagne Gosset Rosé, 75 cl.

The champagnes are custom packed in a gift box that is provided with thick white glossy quality paper and a custom silk bow. The gift box contains a Gosset Grande Réserve and a Gosset Grand Rosé.

The legendary Champagne House Gosset is known as the oldest winery in the region, whose origins date back to 1584 when it was founded by the nobleman Pierre Gosset. Their wines, made in Aÿ, were served at the tables of the European royal courts along with the best Burgundies. The reputation of the house Gosset for excellent quality starts in the vineyards, selecting only the best grapes from only premier and grand cru vineyards in the Marne region. And also in the cellars they continue their thorough search for quality, with 4 centuries of know-how and a lot of patience they make pure gastronomic wines here. Over the years, they have been able to collect countless recognitions for the entire range of Champagnes they offer. Unlike many producers, they deliberately avoid the malolactic fermentation that helps the wines retain their malic acid, making them tight and fresh, and using an extended bearing on the 'groin' to further enhance the unique and specific properties of the different grapes and terroirs to bring forward. The result is impressive, very dynamic wines that can even age perfectly in the cellar. Before putting their cuvees on the market, Gosset itself ensures optimal maturation between 4 and 5 years for NV Champagnes and between 7 and 10 years for special cuvees. The house style is characterized in creamy Champagnes with a beautiful pearl, dry, beautiful acids, full and with aromas of yeasts and biscuit.