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    Aperitif gift with French wine and French delicacies

Delicious gift package with a French class wine and a customized aperitif threesome with pate, toasts and confit, a perfect aperitif gift to enjoy and enjoy!

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This aperitif gift is wrapped for you in quality white glossy paper, which is provided with a silk ribbon.

Packed gift package with:

  • Saint-Emilion Grand Cru wine 75 cl. of the castle "Château Fougueyrat"
  • Scottish toasters from Walkers, Mini Oatcakes 150 grams
  • Artisanal pâté from Castaing (French) "Le pâté de campagne au Piment d'Esplette" 180 grams
  • Confit from the French producer "Les Folies Foie Gras", 110 grams

A wonderful gift for a birthday, an anniversary, to wish someone well or just to thank someone.

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